About the Band


Randy “The Mayor” Ray  

Lead vocals, harmonica

We call him The Mayor because he calls the shots. Randy has led Smoking Gun for many years -through many different lineups - and is the heart and soul of the band. Although his friendly and humble nature would never admit this, the audience is there to because of Randy.

Ed Tejeda

Bass, vocals

Ed has been playing Bass for over 25 years but found true inspiration to grow his music knowledge after joining Smoking Gun.

Ray Seese

Killer, grooving drums 

Ray was Born in Washington, D.C. and his Parents moved to Georgia when Ray was 3 yrs old, Living in Murrietta, Ga. and Woodstock, Ga. for 9 yrs, and Eventually Moving to California in 1985. By 10, he had discovered MTV and his life changed forever! Ray discovered bands like Kiss and Ratt and tons of others that would greatly impact his life and eventually lead him to a life of music and drums!!!!! Although his love for music started from birth, he didn't start playing Drums until 13.  He gives credit and thanks to a very special lady, Miss Linda Smith ( Ms. B ) R.I.P. for the fact that she mentored him and gave him inspiration and courage to play and follow his Passion.  She was his Jr. High School Music Teacher and even later in life, a friend and fellow musician. She is greatly missed to this day. Ray has played in bands since he was 13 and has played legendary places such as Gazzarri's, The Roxy, Troubador, Whiskey A Go Go and all the rest! Going out on tour and seeing the USA was cool, but he wanted to see the world! Ray has opened for Great White, Ratt, Warrant, Berlin, Love/Hate, Dio, Tesla, Quiet Riot and many, many more. His best gig so far is opening for Poison, Cinderella, Dokken and Slaughter at the BlockBuster Pavillion in Devore, Ca. Standing on that stage and seeing all the people, he realized that, "THIS is what I want to do for the rest of my life!"

The Kid
Guitar, vocals

The Kid doesn't own a mansion or a yacht, but he is a millionaire nonetheless because Randy lets him play in Smoking Gun. 

John Miladelaroca  

Vocals, keyboards

Smoking Gun is proud to have the amazing John Miladelaroca in the band. He is one of the best keyboard players in the area, and we're honored to share the stage with him.

Smoking Gun plays classic rock, disco, funk, country, metal, R&B and blues. Contact us at:



Randy “The Mayor” Ray
lead vocals, harmonica

Ray Seese
​Killer, grooving drums that don't step all over the song. Thank God.

John Miladelaroca
keyboards, vocals

Ed (just like the horse)
bass, background vocals

The Kid
​guitars, background vocals

Bob The Man